Amazon is celebrating World Book Day 2020 by giving away 9 free Kindle books from around the world covering a variety of genres, from contemporary fiction to true crime to a children’s book. “Buy” them for free by Friday 4/24 and you can own them forever. This is different than the Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited lists, where you are only borrowing them while paying the subscription fee.

Barnes and Noble also has the Evie in the Jungle NOOK eBook free for World Book Day. This is on top of the 1000s of free NOOK books otherwise available for free (would say “forever” but all bets are off if BN goes bankrupt).

Grab them now and read later. You can read both Kindle and NOOK eBooks on your smartphone or tablet. In fact, phones are turning out to be my favorite way to read. I rarely use my Kindle device anymore. The convenience of being able to read and highlight text whenever you have a few free minutes outweighs everything else.

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10 Free eBooks For World Book Day from My Money Blog.

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