Total Wireless is an Verizon MVNO that while not the overall cheapest, can be the best value to remain the Verizon network if you don’t require unlimited data. Right now, if you visit their website and look at the bottom right, you should see a form to submit your email for a unique 25% off coupon code (max discount of $100) when you buy both a phone and a plan card. This can result in some very cheap prices on select new and used phones including the iPhone SE, iPhone 8+, and other Android phones.

New iPhone SE 64GB and $25 plan card for $287.49 total:

New iPhone 8+ 128GB and $25 plan card for $250 total:

I personally would lean toward the iPhone SE 2020 with fast internals, or maybe the iPhone 8+ if you want the bigger screen. Shipping should be free as well.

Alternatively, you can try the promo code FALL15 for 15% off a phone + plan purchase.

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Total Wireless 25% Off Coupon For Phone + Plan Purchase (Verizon MVNO) from My Money Blog.

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