In 2020, the NPR Planet Money podcast did a series called Summer School that focused on economics concepts. The 2021 Summer School series is about investing. Hardcore personal finance geeks might come away bored, but I enjoy hearing how they try to simplify and and explain these complex topics in an approachable manner. If I remember, I plan to have my kids as later teens listen to these episodes. Here are the podcasts so far, which include excerpts from earlier Planet Money episodes:

  • Planet Money Summer School 1: The Stock Market
  • Planet Money Summer School 2: Index Funds & The Bet
  • Planet Money Summer School 3: Smooth Spending & The 401K
  • Planet Money Summer School 4: Bonds & Becky With The Good Yield
  • Planet Money Summer School 5: Bubbles, Bikes, & Biases

When I’m in an efficient mood, I enjoy listening with the Overcast app (iOS only) at 1.25x speed with “Smart Speed” that skips over the pauses to save time. I believe Pocket Casts also has similar features, is available on both iOS and Android, is free, and is now apparently partially-owned by NPR itself!

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Weekend Listening: NPR Planet Money Summer School Investing Edition from My Money Blog.

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